Welcome to RapidElearningTemplates.com!

We’re Open!

Welcome to RapidElearningTemplates.com!

We are so excited to finally be open. This site has been a goal for some time (when we originally decided to make a site for Captivate Templates, Adobe was still on Captivate 3!). We have finally have had the chance to focus on creating what we hope you will think are really great templates and other ELearning resources. Our store is finally live.

Please take a moment to explore the site, our store has a great selection of templates available, and our goal is to feature a new template each month, so check back often. Also, don’t forget to register with our site to gain access to our Free Downloads, we promise to have a steady stream of free items. Finally, we will also have frequent blog posts and tutorials available to help you to continue learning.

Our Goal
We have had the opportunity to work for several Training Organizations, and one thing that we observed to be consistent with each team, is a lack of resources that can develop clean, professional ELearning templates. Designing templates for rapid ELearning tools is something that we have specialized in for many years, so we decided to provide this service to other organizations. By also providing templates in our store along with tutorials and other resources, we hope to empower the ELearning community and provide them with the ability to quickly create quality projects. Click below to watch a brief video tour of our templates:

  • Adobe Captivate Template Tour
  • Articulate Storyline Template Tour


Other Services
In addition to offering templates in our store, we also provide a variety of other ELearning related services. Below are just a few:
Don’t see a template that fits your need? No problem, we can build you a custom template based on your specifications. (We will even tweak our existing templates for you upon request)
Do you have an existing Instructor-Led Course or Manual that you want created into an ELearning course? Send us your content, and we will build out the course and send you the completed source file ready for you to publish.
Do you have an existing ELearning course that you want converted to Captivate? Let us do it for you.
Do you need an existing course updated but no longer have contact with the ELearning developer who originally created it? Never fear, we are here for you.
Do you currently have Instructional Designers on your staff, but don’t have anyone who can develop ELearning modules? Let us be your ELearning development partner.
For complete list of our services, please visit out Services page.

The Best Is Yet To Come!
We have over 10 years of experience in the field of ELearning, and in that time have had the opportunity to see the pain points that many people/organizations experience when working on ELearning projects. We will leverage that experience to continue to develop new templates and other assets for you each month that will provide you with the tools to be successful. We hope to become a valuable resource that you will visit often. ELearning is constantly evolving with new tools and techniques, and together, we would like to help you to evolve with it. Thanks for your visiting!

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