Our Templates Make Your Job Easier!

Reasons To Use Templates

Our Templates Make Your Job Easier!


You might be asking yourself, “Self, why should I use a template?”. Lucky for you we have answers! There are many benefits to using E-learning templates, including the following:

  • Save Time: Our templates are essentially the framework for a course, all you have to do is add your own content and publish! In addition, each template comes with matching buttons and questions that you can easily drop into your course, we’ve done all the tedious design work for you. Templates provide you with a great launching pad for your next project.
  • Save Money: Everyone likes to save money, right? If you have ever participated on a project to create a new E-learning template, then you know it can take a long time (sometimes a few weeks). Normally you will need the input of an Instructional Designer, E-learning Developer and Graphic designer. That’s hours spent in meetings, review sessions and testing before you come up with your final design. If you add up all of those man hours, you could have spent literally thousands of dollars, if you consider  one full time employee who works 40 hrs (at $20/hr). Most of our templates can be purchased for less than what a full time employee is paid for two hours of work!
  • Learn Your Tool Better: By using our templates, you will gain a better understanding of your development tool. Our templates leverage many of the key features of each tool and will expose you to how each tool works. You will get to use features that you otherwise may not explore and sharpen your skills.
  • Have Fun:  If a course is boring for you to build, then most likely it is going to be boring for your learner’s to watch. With that said, we try to incorporate fun and unique designs into our templates and themes which will hopefully make your job more enjoyable.
  • Encourage Creativity: Believe it or not, a template can actually encourage creativity. Using a well designed template will begin to give you a good idea of how a design is structured, which will lead you to come up with your own possible ideas for templates that you might want to implement in the future.
  • Increase Consistency: If you work in a team setting, templates are a great way to ensure that each member of your development team sticks to a standard design. This is helpful so that if you are working on a modular course, each module looks like it fits with the others.
  • Spend More Time Focusing On the Content: If you are using a rapid e-learning development tool, then chances are you are responsible for all phases of development. Your typical project probably consists of coming up with an instructional strategy, completing a needs analysis, coming up with a script, recording audio, story boarding, developing an assessment strategy, and coming up with the look and feel for your course. You already have enough on your plate, so why not use a template that already provides a great foundation and great user interface for your e-learning module? Why spend time formatting buttons and making graphics when we’ve done all of it for you? This will free you up to focus on making sure you have instructionally sound content which will benefit both you AND your learners.
  • You Will Become an E-Learning Rockstar!: Let’s face it, now more than ever, appearance counts. Your audience is expecting to see a clean, professional looking course, and by using our templates, you can development it for them. You might even get a raise or promotion because of your good work!  (Well, OK  maybe not, but you will still have a great looking e-learning course!)

Be sure to visit our free downloads section and grab a few free templates, or visit our Template Store and browse our selection of ready to use premium templates and themes. Happy Developing!

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