Captivate 7 and Articulate Storyline Comparison Chart

CP7 or SL

Captivate 7 and Articulate Storyline Comparison Chart

Last year I created a comparison chart for Captivate 6 and Storyline. With the recent release of Captivate 7, I’ve updated last year’s comparison chart based on the new features in the latest Captivate release. (Please note that this chart does not include every feature but it does list most of the major features of each software package). For additional information visit and

This is a handy tool if you are interested in trying to decide which tool is best for you. Check back soon for a review of the latest features available in Captivate 7. Download the Captivate 7 and Articulate Storyline Comparison Chart below (File last updated 6/25/2013):




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I am a interested in all things related to E-Learning, especially Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate! I believe all E-Learning should incorporate exceptional User Experience Design!

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  1. RETAdmin :

    Hello Martin,

    I agree with you 100%, as an e-learning developer, deciding what tool to use is a very important decision and has many different factors to take into consideration that go beyond what can be placed into a comparison table. I am glad you found the chart helpful. Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog!

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