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Captivate 7 TinCan


One of the new features in Adobe Captivate 7 is the ability to publish content compatible with the Tin Can API. In this blog post, I will discuss how to use Adobe Captivate 7 with Tin Can, GrassBlade, LearnDash and the WAX LRS.  (Wow, is that a long Blog title ... Read More
September 30, 2013Admin
Launch a Rocket


In our previous post, I gave you a high-level overview of the basics of Advanced Actions. Now that you have an understanding of the basics, it's time to put what you learned into practice. I am a firm believer that e-learning should not only be fun for your learners, ... Read More
November 15, 2012Admin
Advanced Actions Overview


Advanced Actions in Adobe Captivate are one of the most powerful features you can leverage. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts that will cover the basics of using and creating your own Advanced Actions. This first post will provide a general overview. What Are Advanced ... Read More
November 14, 2012Admin