Articulate Studio ’13 Sneak Peek Summary

Articulate Studio 13 Preview

Articulate Studio ’13 Sneak Peek Summary

Yesterday at DevLearn 2012 I had the opportunity to attend the Articulate Studio ’13 Sneak Peak given by Articulate’s Arlyn Asch. During the demonstration, I was pleased to see that an already great tool is going to be even better (but what else would you expect from the team over over at Articulate?!). So what can we expect in the update? Read on to find out.

What’s New?
Articulate Studio ’13 is chock full of updates including:

  • A Unified Player: Articulate Studio ’13 will now have a unified player. This means that when you embed Engage or Quizmaker items into your project, they will share the same player controls as the main project. This will make the experience for the user even more seamless, and will also have the side benefit of allowing your Engage interactions and Quizmaker slides to be larger
  • Characters: Articulate Studio will now contain characters, similar to the characters available in Storyline
  • Publish for HTML 5 and iOS: Studio ’13 will now have the ability to publish to HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile Player
  • Support for Any Slide Size: Articulate ’13 will now support any slide size that you wish to use for your project. The Quizmaker slides will be 720 X 540.
  • Quizmaker Updates: Quizmaker ’13 will now include free form question slides similar to Storyline
  • Articulate Engage Updates: Engage ’13 will include 10 new interactions for a total of 20, the bulletin board and conversation interactions looked very interesting
  • Streamlined Interface: The interface of the entire Studio has been revised. There are fewer pop-ups, and tabs are used effectively to allow you to switch from tab view to form view. This will increase the usability of the software greatly (the ┬áinterface looks very much like the interface used in Storyline).
  • Faster Publishing: Arlyn mentioned that the publishing in Articulate ’13 will be 5 times faster than the publishing in Articulate ’09
Depending on the make up of your team and the kinds of projects you will be working, I could see the need to have both products in your arsenal.

What Is the Difference Between Storyline and Studio ’13
At this point you might be asking yourself, “A lot of the features of Studio ’13 seem to overlap with the features of Articulate Storyline, should I get both? If not, which is best for me?”. While it is true that both Studio and Storyline have similar features, there are some key differences:

  • Articulate Studio ’13 is Targeted for Rapid Development using PowerPoint: Articulate Studio is still being positioned as the rapid development tool of choice that will be handy for SMEs to use to quickly develop e-learning modules. As we all know, Articulate Studio is very easy to use and almost anyone can quickly develop content with very little technical knowledge.
  • Articulate Studio ’13 Will Not Support Variables and Triggers: The biggest difference in my opinion between Studio is that Storyline is the ability to create triggers and use variables. Only Storyline will have this powerful feature, which means that you can potentially develop more complex projects using Storyline. This is also why Studio 13′ will be easier for the average person to quickly pick up and develop with. For some users, variables and triggers can be considered a more advanced development task.
  • Articulate Studio ’13 Will Not Support Layers: If you have used Storyline, then you are now familiar with layers. This simple feature has many different uses, but will not be available in Articulate Studio ’13. (There is a small exception, in Quizmaker, each question slide will have a Correct and Incorrect feedback layer similar to Storyline.)
When Will It Be Out?
Articulate Studio ’13 will tentatively go into Beta testing in either the first or second quarter of 2013. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest that you sign up and participate in the beta. Not only will you get early access and hands on time with the software, but you will also get to help the team over at Articulate fine tune the product if you come across any bugs or issue. In addition, you will get to sharpen your Articulate development skills by taking their product for a test run. To sign up for the beta testing program, send an email to

Final Thoughts

While the demo of Studio ’13 was given with an early build of the software, it was already easy to see that Articulate has another winner on their hands. There are many improved features, improved usability, more interactions and the ability to import your Studio ’13 content into Storyline should you be lucky enough to have both software packages. For more information, visit the official preview page on the Articulate site.

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