Learn Dash 1.3.0 New Features Review

Learn Dash 1.3.0

Learn Dash 1.3.0 New Features Review

Recently the  team over at Learn Dash released an update to the WordPress LMS plug-in. In this blog post I’ll review some of the new features that are available.

What Is Learn Dash WordPress LMS?
For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Learn Dash is a plug-in that gives any installation of WordPress the ability to function as an LMS. It provides the capability to upload courses created in Storyline, create lessons, quizzes and more. For a full run down, you can view my previous review of Learn Dash.

What’s New?
The team over at Learn Dash have stated multiple times that they are committed to continuously improving their plug-in by listening to feedback from customers and releasing frequent updates. So far they are staying true to their word and are releasing new features at a fairly rapid pace. With their latest release, they have added a slew of new updates, including:

  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Short codes for User Profiles
  • Timed Lessons
  • Leader Boards
  • Quiz Statistics
  • UI Fixes

I can’t even begin to cover all of the new updates, so in this post I’ll focus on the Advanced Quizzing options. (You can view the full list of updates HERE.)

New and Improved Quizzing
Probably the most exciting new feature with the 1.3.0 update are the new Advanced Quizzing options. Previously, the plug-in only allowed you to create quizzes comprised of simple multiple choice questions. The new Advanced Quizzing module greatly expands how you can create your quizzes. You can now do multiple answer, sorting via drag and drop, and fill in the blank. You can also embed images in your questions (and answers). In addition, you can add a timer to your quiz and choose to have a user’s quiz results sent to you via email when a user completes a quiz. There are still many options that I have yet to experiment with, but you can view a sample quiz that I created HERE.

Creating an advanced quiz is very simple. In general, to create a quiz, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the new Advanced Quiz menu item in your WordPress dashboard (this will appear after you apply the latest update)
  2. Click Add Quiz, and give your new quiz a name
  3. Set your quiz options, which include items such as whether or not the quiz is timed, how questions will be presented, enable statistics and more
  4. Add your questions (it is as simple as entering your questions and answers, then choosing the question type you wish to use)
  5. Save your quiz
  6. Associate the quiz to a lesson or course

Answer Types

Statistics and Leader Boards

Two other really helpful new features are quiz statistics and leader boards. The quiz statistics allow you to view how each of your quiz questions were answered such as the number of times a question was answered correctly or incorrectly, and the number of times hints were used per question. Leader Boards are also now available and allow you to display who has the top scores for your quiz.


A Great Plug-In Is Now Even Better
Learn Dash was already a really good plug-in, but the latest updates make it that much better, especially if you are in need of an easy to use LMS that has good quizzing capabilities. With a starting price of still just $79, it’s hard to not take the WordPress LMS into consideration. I can’t wait to see how this plug-in continues to evolve since it’s already off to a great start.  Be sure to check back soon, I plan updating my sample WordPress Site to include the new leader boards and user profiles.

For more information or to purchase the Learn Dash WordPress LMS, visit LearnDash.com

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