Articulate Storyline Streamline Template

Storyline Streamline Template

Articulate Storyline Streamline Template

We are excited to introduce our latest template for Articulate Storyline. The Articulate Storyline Streamline template provides a fresh clean design that is perfect for your next project!

Multiple Colors
The Articulate Storyline Streamline template is available in multiple colors:

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I need multiple colors of the same template?”.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Each color can represent a difficulty level for your content, for example the Steelblue template can be used for Introductory courses, Maroon for Intermediate, Green for Advanced level courses and Black for assessments.
  • Each color can be used to represent a different subject or topic
  • Each color can be used to represent a different product if you do product or sales training
  • Each color can represent content for different departments in your company/organization

Everything You Need To Quickly Build A Course!
This template comes with a Storyline Source file (.story file) that comes pre-built with a main scene containing 14 slides, and a quiz scene that contains each of the main question types, so the basic shell of a course is already created for you. You also get a .storytemplate file that also contains the pre-formatted slide layouts and quiz slides. This template  also includes an intro music file, matching Flash arrows and User Interface Elements to create pop-ups and hint boxes.


Multiple Slide Layouts
This Articulate Storyline Streamline Template comes with multiple slide layouts that work great with the Storyline characters. They also give you the perfect backdrop for your text and videos. Easily add new slides by simply selecting a slide layout. Each of the main quiz question types is also pre-configured to save your even more development time.

Multiple Layouts


Matching Buttons and Player Shell
The Streamline Template also includes a matching Player Shell style and over 25 matching buttons (already formatted with normal, hover and down states) that are ready for you to drop onto your slides as needed. You also get matching styles for your Captions and other Shapes and Objects. This will tie in with the colors of your slide layouts to give your project a professional finished look.

Matching Buttons and Player Shell

Articulate Mobile Player and HTML5 Publish Ready
The Streamline Template is ready for publishing to the Articulate Mobile Player and HTML5 formats. We still recommend publishing to Flash for the best user experience, but if you are looking to deliver courses via your iPad or HTML5, this template will work nicely for you.

Articulate Mobile Player

HTML5 Publish


Start Building Courses Better and Faster!
This template will definitely save you time, allow you to focus more on developing the instructional content of your projects and is a GREAT value. View the templates in our store now to see published samples of each template color.  Available now in single templates, or for the best value, purchase the 4 pack!

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